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“A Thousand Words” was named an Honorable Mention at the 2007 Shockerfest International Film Festival in the Sci-Fi Mini-Short category!

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Both “A Thousand Words” and “Justice” screened at the festival, which was in Modesto, CA. It was alot of fun, and both shorts were very well accepted by the audiences there!
It was a great time, and congratulations to all the films that screened and won awards!

You can read an interview with “A Thousand Words” director Sean Kennedy by CLICKING HERE. It was conducted after winning 2nd place in the iStockphoto “Future Now” contest.


We are currently getting underway on our next production. The script is being written, the core production team is being put together, locations are being scouted, and concept design is underway.

We’re keeping it pretty quiet for now, but, if you look around the website and get a feel for the kinds of things we like to make, you can count on there being action, adventure, and some kind of creature! This will be our most ambitious project to date, and while it’s still a little early to be guessing at anything, we can say we’re hoping for a run time of about 40 minutes and it will definitely have the most extensive visual effects of any of our projects!

Check back for updates! We hope to be shooting just after the new year!

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